The Columbus 2.0 bench has unique differentials for your living room! The tv stand holds a TV up to 75 inches, has an exclusive detail in its 3D Laser ports, creating the sophistication of the furniture. In its structure, the bench has 04 doors with metal hinges, 08 castors, 25mm MDP top, 02 reflected glass details with copper painting on the top and front, 25mm MDP bench structure, niches for portable appliances and ample internal space . UV painting and glass finishing and unprecedented volumetry on the 3D door, its dimensions 1995mm (W) x 620mm (H) x 380mm (D), will provide more sophistication for your living room.

The living room is usually the place in the house where we gather to enjoy with the family enjoying a special program on TV or to entertain friends. . The Columbus TV Stand is perfect for your living room, with TVs up to 75 inches, it will surprise you with its sophistication and natural colors, bringing charm and refinement to your home environment.

Product characteristics:

  • Holds TVs up to 75″
  • Structure in 15, 25mm MDP and 3mm MDF
  • It has 3D laser ports with beautiful details, and ample internal space.
  • UV painting and glass finishing and unprecedented volume on the 3D door.
  • It has 04 doors with metal hinges and 08 castors.
  • The top is in 25mm MDP.
  • Detail on the top and front with reflected glass with copper painting.
  • Niches with divisions to accommodate objects and portable appliances.
  • Coating through the printing system with in-line UV drying where the furniture receives a 07-layer paint treatment, providing greater durability to the furniture.
  • In the pieces, edge tapes in papers and special PVCs are used, which guarantee more resistance to the product.

Relevant Notes:

Assembly: The product will be disassembled, we recommend hiring a qualified professional to carry out the assembly.

You will receive: 02 volumes

  • – All products are packaged safely. All parts are separated by isomanta avoiding friction between them. Cardboard box packaging with bupos at the ends and covered with heat shrinkable plastic.
  • – It is used in the assembly of the product, minifix fixation system, hinges, angle devices, bolts, screws, cylindrical nuts, among others.
  • – Product colors may change depending on your monitor.
  • – The images are for illustrative purposes only, they do not accompany decorative objects and electros.
  • – Check the dimensions of the product at the time of purchase and make sure that it will normally go through stairs, elevators, doors and corridors.
  • – We are not responsible upon delivery for assembly, disassembly, product installation, or use of winches or similar equipment to access upper floors in apartments.
  • – Observing the above guidelines, you avoid future inconveniences or unforeseen problems with the delivery of the product. If there are additional expenses, they will be the responsibility of the customer.