The Double Weight Mattress & Base Set 60 density with 260 chip core with a soft quilting top layer of an oasis of luxurious comfort. Lush and delightful, this top layer is guaranteed to make you feel good all over. Inside, the 260 chip core offers targeted relief from head to toe while distributing your weight evenly throughout the mattress. It is also very breathable to ensure good ventilation. Giving you a perfect balance of comfort and support and waking up refreshed and rejuvenated for the day. Better still, the cycle repeats itself for many more years of restful bliss.


  • Latex Topper
  • Premium knitted fabric
  • 260 Chip core
  • 60 Density foam
  • Medium-firm firmness
  •  Excellent support and pressure redistribution
  • Dust mite and mould-resistant
  • 160 kg Per side