To match stylish furniture nothing better than an extremely exquisite server table. The Fratello Sideboard Server Table has a modern and sophisticated design, perfect to complement its environment.  Versatile, this sideboard can be used in the foyer, the dining room or the living room, ideal for receiving decorations, floral arrangements and utensils such as trays and bowls, serving as support and organizing your day-to-day. Its top is beveled with wood and glass and follows the trends of the most modern decorations.

In the internal niche it has applied mirrors, creating an ideal space to display decorative objects and value them even more. The trimmer is produced in MDP and MDF, derived from reforestation wood, which are resistant and ecologically correct. The base of the trimmer is reinforced, composed of pieces of 40mm of thickness. The Fratello Sideboard is the right choice to complement your furniture, making the environment in which you are very exquisite and luxurious.

  • Frame Material: MDP and MDF
  • Paint Type: Textured ultraviolet (UV) printing matte or high gloss
  • Glass: Yes, ordinary glass painted 4mm thick
  • Mirror: Yes, common mirror 3mm thick