The Harmony TV Stand 1.8 has unique differentials for your living room! The rack holds a TV up to 75 inches, with exclusive detail on its 3D Laser doors creates the sophistication of the furniture. The harmony of the bench elements highlights its attributes, exclusive 3D Laser, MDP top 25mm split, front view, 02 niches, 02 shelves, 01 hinged doors with 3D design, 01 drawers with telescopic slide with 3D design, golden metallic handles, 06 casters.

The Harmony is in Buriti / Off White in UV painting and finishing in unprecedented volume on the 3D door, its dimensions 1800mm (W) x 627mm (H) x 402mm (P), will provide more sophistication for your living room.

  • Door with 3D Laser volumetry
  • 06 casters, 02 with lock
  • Exclusive two-tone detail at the base of the bench
  • Golden metallic handle
  • 01 tilting door
  • 01 drawer with telescopic slide
  • Wire pass
  • Top and side in MDP 25mm
  • Free Assembly – allow 3 days *