The Lippi Home Theatre translates to a luxurious choice for a sophisticated ambience and charming design. Its 3D Form Drawer fronts and the combination of woodworking DIP finish provide the highlight for an elegant and versatile environment. The model is manufactured entirely in MDF with a mirror tower and LED ribbon strategically placed to give that cinema effect and with wide bench to make the devices accessible and organized.


Developed together with national and international partners, the innovative and exclusive DIP Coating, created by Memoá, reproduces the most beautiful natural materials found in the world. With excellent resistance against scratches and scratches, the DIP coating is ecologically correct, since it is produced from 100% MDF panels, from reforestation, without the use of native tree blades for its manufacture.


Another innovation of Memoá is the exclusive 3DForm finish, which with the refinement of high gloss 3D surfaces connects environments to this strong trend of contemporary decor

  • Material MDF
  • Gloss Shade Frosted
  • Number of Shelves 4
  • Number of Drawers 2
  • Type of Slide Telescopic
  • Drawer Finish 3D form
  • Glass Shelving
  • LED luminaire
  • Supports up to 50 kg
  • Supports TV’s up to 70 inches
  • Minifix Mounting System, Bolts and Screws.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning To keep your new furniture much longer, avoid damp locations, keep it away from liquids and heat sources. Avoid prolonged sun exposure. To clean it safely use a dry flannel without abrasive products and no furniture polish.
  • Mounted product Length 2150mmMounted product Height 1650mm

    Product mounted Width 340mm

    Product weight without packaging 92.45kg